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Eric Taylor, B.Com (Adel), FIPA, CTA is the principal of Grey Nomad Tax Advisers, West Beach Taxation & Australian SMSF Audits.
Registered Tax Agent and Registered SMSF Auditor.
ABN 76 114 458 058 - Tax Agent reg. 67299 - SMSF Auditor 100006899 - © 2017

Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.
Information we may require to assist us in preparing your tax return:-
Income earned - may include:-
-  Employment income;
-  Pensions - we can have acccess to Centrelink;  
-  Employment Termination payment;
-  Interest;
-  Dividends;
-  Partnership & Trusts;
-  Capital gains  - if you sold any assets;
-  Rental property income;
-  Foreign income;
-  Business income.

Private Health Fund Annual tax statement.

Bank details for any refunds.  The ATO only pay by direct credit to a bank account, so we will need your BSB number, account number & name.

Annual Tax Statements from investments.

Details of any shares sold - date purchased & amount paid; date sold & amount received.

Details of any houses or land sold.  You will need to supply settlement statements for both the purchase and sale of the property.  Principal place of residence may be exempt.

Spouse details including name, date of birth,
taxable income (after deductions), reportable
fringe benefits & superannuation contributions (as shown on PAYG Summary / Group Certificate), net rental loss and net investment loss.

Checklist of deductions that are not directly related to taxable income:-

•  Donations (to approved gift recipients);
•  Registered tax agent costs including travel;
•  Income protection insurance;
•  Superannuation contributions - for self employed etc.
Checklist of possible income tax deductions - where the expense is directly related to you taxable income:-

•  Airport Lounge Membership;
•  Calculator & Electronic Organisers;
•  Computer Accessories;
•  Conferences, Seminars & Training Courses;
•  Diary Purchase;
•  Dry Cleaning of compulsory uniform or protective clothing;
•  First Aid Course;
•  Home Office Expenses - average hours working at home;
•  Briefcase or similar for carrying business documents;
•  Interest on equipment;
•  Interest on investment loans;
•  Internet Costs;
•  Laptops, Computers, Electronic devices, Tablets;
•  Car & Motor Vehicle Expenses - see below;
•  Overtime Meal Expenses;
•  Parking Fees & Tolls;
•  Protective Clothing;
•  Reference Books & Professional Library;
•  Self-Education Costs - include how this relates to work;
•  Stationery;
•  Subscriptions to Professional Bodies;
•  Sun Protection;
•  Telephone Expenses;
•  Travelling Expenses;
•  Tools of Trade;
•  Uniforms, Clothing & Footwear;
•  Union Fees.

IF YOU ARE CLAIMING a portion of any expense (eg. mobile phone, internet, device) you should keep a log-book for one month each year detailing the split between private and business use.

Car & Motor Vehicle expense - Car expenses can be claimed by either the statutory "Cents per kilometre" method, up to 5,000 kms, or if you have retained a log-book, the portion of work related use of your car.  A log-book must be retained for 12 weeks once every 5 year, unless circumstances change.  Be aware that these options are only available to a motor vehicle classed as a car, which is defined as a motor vehicle that can carry less than 9 people and a load capacity of less than 1 tonne. 
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